If you are preparing to make most of the Cyber Monday online sales, you also need to count in one important aspect of your shopping – your safety.

In a digital era that is so advanced like the one of nowadays, dangers may come in all sizes and forms. There are hackers and cyber criminals that will certainly use the Cyber Monday online sales as an incentive to steal your identity and potentially steal your money.

So, it is definitely important to make sure your credit card information and all the delicate account information is properly used during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But how do you actually do that?

Below, we are listing the best ways you can protect your payment information against being compromised. So, don’t panic and make sure to follow these tips:

  • Always check the website address Make sure that the address you are shopping from is secure. If you are using Google Chrome, the browser will automatically show you a lock and a sign ‘Secure’. But if you are not, check if the first few numbers are HTTPS instead of HTTP (which means secured website).
  • Use credit cards that are not related to your bank account You should ideally have a separate credit card for shopping – so if you want to make most of the Cyber Monday online sales in 2017, it is maybe about time you get one from your bank.
  • Don’t give out more information than you need Your name, phone number and address are enough when leaving out information about you. Do not answer questions related to your privacy and security – and if there are any – make sure to see what information they are trying to get from you.
  • Use strong passwords When creating profiles on shopping sites, make sure to use strong passwords. Only that way, your account can be protected during the Cyber Monday sales.
  • Do not click on unfamiliar and scammy links – A lot of phishing scammers may try to get your information by sending you mails (that usually arrive in your Junk) asking you to log in to your Amazon or eBay account. Do not trust all of these mails – and always check the address bar to make sure the site you are visiting is the original one.

The Cyber Monday online sales are just around the corner, and they are expected to be huge this year. Make sure to follow these tips and always stay protected when shopping online!